About the Dawg

Born in 1972 and in the era of computers just starting out in the personal home, the Dawg found himself in the brink of what would be his career for life. As a graduate of Sherwood Christian Acadamy, the Dawg started his life of the adult world serving in the United States Marine Corps. After serving his time, he came back home to his roots and started working for the Dougherty County Sheriff’s office as a jailer.

Still in limbo on what he wanted to do as a life career, he finally got back into the hobby that he enjoyed. He enjoyed it so much that he made a change of his career and started working as a technician manager for a small company in Albany. Throughout the next 15 years, the Dawg would work in a variety of technical jobs that gave him opportunities to excel in the technology fields. Between college and work experience, his client-tel would grow and his trust in the technology field was respected by the local community.

In 2010, the Dawg landed the job of his dreams. He is currently working for a large company as the technical analyst for the Southeast and provides support for several people across the United States. He is also the CEO of EGA Productions, an entertainment company well known in Southwest Georgia.

Outside of his career, he is very active with his children with marching band. He is currently “The Voice of the Lee County High School Marching Trojan Band.” He has spent his entire life as a scouter in the Boy Scouts of America. He is a Vigil Honor recipient in the Order of the Arrow, Eagle Scout Recipient (1988), 3-bead Woodbadger, and Scoutmaster of Merit.

Currently, the Dawg lives in Southwest Georgia.

Meet the Dawg… Steve Owens

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