Cement, Mud, and Paper Mache’

How do you build something and keep it standing? You start with a solid foundation. Let’s look at a particular kind of building though. The foundations of life start within the home. The foundation that parents give their kids is sometimes strong and weak at the same time. The foundation is primarily made of the strong cement of love mixed in with mud and paper mache’ of reality. If you look at the foundation, there are still cracks no matter how much mud or paper mache’ you use. There is nothing you can do to fill in the cracks all the way. But what happens over time is amazing. As the building takes form throughout your life, the foundation is strong and those cracks are eventually filled up with more cement of love.

I write this blog to tell you this. Everyone makes mistakes in life. Regardless of the severity of the mistake… a lesson will be learned. But while that crack (mistake in life) is there, you will find that reality will not fill that void and help make the foundation any stronger. It takes the cement of love to fill in and build the foundation stronger. Do not let the mistakes of life consume you and bring you down. For when you do that, the cracks become bigger and your foundation falls which causes the building of your life to crumble. If you feel that cracks arent being filled with the cement of love, speak up and let your parents know. It is only then that the cracks can start mending and your relationship to build a stronger building will begin.

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